Greys Anatomy Signature - Astra gnp508 - Women's Scrub Pant By Barco

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Stylish design

The unique fabric of the scrub tops and pants give the garments a weight, retaining shape even with the high elastane content. The detailed tailoring also gives scrub jackets a nice fall when open. While the Greys Anatomy collaboration has been a development in the last 14 years, Barco has emphasized its commitment to style since the second half of the 20th century with adverts in high-profile magazines like Cosmopolitan. This experience shines through giving its Greys Anatomy signature collection star-level quality.

Making tops and bottoms available to buy separately means its garments are accessible to a broader range of body types.

Product description
Barco Uniforms Greys Anatomy Signature Scrubs

Perform any act with surgical precision and style with Barco Uniforms Greys Anatomy Signature scrubs. Greys Anatomy may be just a TV show, but that is no reason not to retain some of its on-screen glamour with these luxurious yet affordable scrubs. Manufactured by Barco Uniforms, Signature scrubs are the Rolls Royce in medical uniforms. Each piece has a generic and versatile style suitable for various medical fields, including doctors, nurses, dermatologists, radiologists, dentists and veterinarians. At the same time, you can express yourself, choosing from multiple colours and alternating styles, making them more than just a uniform.

The touchstone for medical scrubs

Raise the bar at work and make colleagues envy your professional style with fabrics and tailoring that make the Greys Anatomy Signature collection the touchstone for medical scrubs. Key features of the line's range include 360° Spandex-stretch for a more durable elastane product. All uniform items have a luxurious appeal and are wrinkle-resistant, so even when you're in the thick of it during a busy schedule, your scrubs won't give anything away. Garments are also super-soft to the touch for added comfort and are made from chemical-free fabric, making it suitable for sensitive skin types. Every inch of these uniforms has been made with the healthcare professional in mind.


Intelligent Manufacturing

Barco's innovative line has been made after years of research, utilizing arclux™ technology combined with 4-way stretch found in nylon and lycra, giving your clothes stretch both lengthways and widthways that is soft to the touch. With one-third of the company dedicated to research and innovation, the products in this show-stopping line are high-performing to provide agility and comfort. A method called heathering — using interwoven yarns — is the main textile method used, leaving a blended effect and giving the products a tight and distinct finish. The result is a technologically advanced, stylish and comfortable wear.

Product Range

The Barco range offers a range of different scrub items, including tops for men, with three pockets, v-neck and either a chest pocket or with twill tape accents and a plain back. In the active range, there is a back media pocket and the chest pocket to keep your pen. Female tops are also available with a three-pocket crossover, v-neck, hidden PDA pocket and fitted back for functionality and a sleek profile. Female pants have five pockets or three pockets, with active ranges that have a knitted waist. White lab coats are available in long and short versions.

Sizes in the range start from XXS to 5XL and come in different colors according to product.

A Reputation for Luxury

Barco Uniforms has been manufacturing uniforms for 90 years and has catered extensively to the healthcare sector. The company is recognized for its innovation, intuitive design process and has led on producing enhanced medical scrubs for the modern-day healthcare professional. Since its founding in 1929, it has grown from a national operation to exporting to 50 different countries and over 1,000 retailers. It's never been afraid to be the first to try new textiles.

Guaranteed Value

Join thousands of others in the medical profession who choose Barco Uniforms Greys Anatomy Signature scrubs as their preferred choice of medical scrubs. When you order from DarScrubs you get top quality at reasonable prices. Same-day delivery is also available, so order your scrubs today.